Jeff’s Videos

Michael, Ross, Jeff, Greg, and Denny.
Ross, Michael, Denny. And Jeff.

I wrote, produced, directed, and starred in this epic mini-series, (yes, you will have to wait for Part II) and I expect to sweep the Oscars next year in all categories.  (Will Smith, eat your heart out.)

I proudly present, Jeff Flips His Lid, Part I

Like all great directors faced with the prospect of filming a sequel to a popular movie, I knew had to be creative and original, yet keep the spirit of the first.  (Think The Godfather Part II, The Empire Strikes Back, SpongeBob Movie 2, etc.)   Hopefully I achieved this with my latest work. 

I proudly present, Jeff Flips His Lid, Part II…

Vickie and I had a great time hanging out with my granddaughters at the Sunflower Experience 2022. We’re looking forward to new adventures with the kids soon!


Another adventure with my granddaughters- this time in St. Louis!
Summer 2023.