Just Who is Jeff?

Jeff spent nearly 21 years working in a factory until he got laid off late in 2009. He used to do most of his story brainstorming on the job. He says, “Factory work, especially production work, could be very monotonous. I spent many hours passing the time by jotting down phrases and ideas on scraps of paper- always being mindful not to be seen. Believe me, it would have been difficult to explain myself to my supervisor if I ever got caught!” 

Brown is from Iowa. He lives in a small house with his beautiful bride Vickie, a dog, and two cats.  

Jeff also has a 23 year old daughter. When asked about her dad’s writing abilities, Jessica raves, “He’s okay, I guess.” 

Lacy, his cat, has a different opinion… 

“He spends way too much time in front of the computer and not nearly enough time scooping out my litter box.”

Jeff works odd jobs and is trying to launch his funny and sometimes touching column Jeff of all Trades (when he’s not cleaning up after the herd of animals living in his house). When asked about his future as a writer and columnist, he responds confidently,

“It’s a good thing my wife has a good job with health insurance.”

 To read an article about Jeff that was printed in his local paper Aug 30, 2011, click here…  http://yourweeklypaper.com/blog/2011/08/30/brown-writes-nationally-award-winning-column/

Jeff & Jessica


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