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Humor Columnist

Award winning humor columnist (Pinewood Derby Champion, 1980) seeks writing gig to supplement lawn-mowing income. Will work for food, especially Pop-tarts.

Although I like to consider myself a “Jack of all Trades,” my efforts at work, car repairs, home improvement projects, and relationships with my pets always seem to prove me to be, well…not so much. My weekly column, Jeff of all Trades, uses unique humor to appeal to anyone who has a job, family, pet, or is experimenting with fiber supplements. (Benefiber seems to work for me.)

 Dietary Restrictions

 I’d work for Cheetos, but I’m lactose intolerant.


 To be your favorite humor columnist. (Or at least in your top 43.)

 Useful Professional Experience 

As if all of this experience isn’t impressive enough, I’m a highly motivated professional who pours my blood, sweat, and tears into all of my columns. (This is why you should probably wash your hands after reading this.)

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